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What conditions can you include in your Will: Religion? Age? Marriage?
People often wish to make gifts in their Will subject to conditions, such as the person receiving the gift:attaining a certain age;converting to a particular religion; ormarrying someone (or a particular person).So when is it ok to include these cond... Read more
Roxy Hart Jul 27, 2017
Is your start-up business running in safe shoes?
Start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses in Australia are faced with a gamut of legal requirements with which they must comply.  This can be daunting for a new business that started with a brilliant idea on a shoestring budget.As a business gain... Read more
David Kelly Jul 3, 2017
Trade mark myth busting
You register the business name Love Your Mutt for dog grooming services.  You then register it as a domain name, and set up a website spruiking your services as well as offering dog shampoos and grooming products for sale via the site.  You... Read more
David Kelly Jun 2, 2017
The importance of contract review - why do it?
You’re forgiven for thinking that contract review is a painful process.  Reading it, understanding it, the legal jargon … heaven forbid you need to get a lawyer involved. And if you don’t get a contract reviewed by a lawyer before you... Read more
David Kelly May 22, 2017
Statutory Demands - the pros and cons
As we noted in our earlier blog post titled “You’re owed money…what next?”, in certain circumstances, a Statutory Demand may be an appropriate method for recovering a debt from a company.The purpose of this post is to detail the process for i... Read more
David Kelly May 10, 2017
10 reasons to update your Will
As your life changes, your Will needs to change to reflect your new circumstances. A failure to update your Will when you need to can result in your Will being revoked or otherwise being unworkable, in which case your Estate may not be distributed as... Read more
Roxy Hart Feb 23, 2017
Navigating Family Law Issues, Understanding Court Orders and How You Should Respond
The current family law frameworkFamily Law relates to disputes between parties about the following:Parenting arrangements for childrenProperty settlementSpousal maintenanceChild SupportDivorceThe law applies to people who have been married or were in... Read more
Deborah Awyzio Dec 9, 2016
Property Settlements....Is There a Time Limitation?
Time limitation for property settlements – married and de facto couplesIf you have been divorced for over a year or were in a genuine de facto relationship and separated more than 2 years ago and never formalised arrangements for property, you may ... Read more
Jenny Richardson Dec 7, 2016
Children's Passports
Changes to Passport Legislation (Integrity Act 2015)The passports legislation (amendment) (Integrity Act 2015) is an Act to amend the law relating to Australian and foreign travel documents. Section 11 of the Australian Passports Act 2005 now provide... Read more
Deborah Awyzio Nov 30, 2016
Buying off the plan - 4 Things you must know
Buying a property off the plan can be a very good investment, however, you need to watch out for hidden traps in the contract. Quite often, the developer will insert certain clauses, which grant them power to rescind the contract of sale.Here are 4 r... Read more
Katherine Hawes Aug 21, 2016
Who owns the Intellectual Property: Employers v Employees
A question that often arises when an employee leaves a job is who owns the intellectual property that was created by the employee during their employment – the employer or the employee? Intellectual property includes things such as designs, patents... Read more
Jamie Baker Aug 20, 2016
Probation Periods Explained
Most employment contracts contain a probation period. The purpose of probation periods is for employers to test whether employees are suitable for the job.Generally an employer will decide the length of the probation period and it can range from a co... Read more
Jamie Baker Aug 20, 2016

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